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    Bill Robfogel

    I like what this article said. I agree with it completely. But I have 1 question – Did Bill Brown really write it? It is easy to credit a statement to anyone we want on the Web but what is the proof. I wish I had that proff so I could pass this artcle on to others.

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    I have a question…Mr. Brown being a Christian(?) where is the record of Senator McCain???

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    Laura S

    This letter has been proven to be a hoax – NOT from BILL BROWN of the BILLY GRAHAM organization and the BILLY GRAHAM organization has come forward and said they did not authorize this information and do not endorse any presidential candidate. Once again, the uneducated morons of the world who wanna spread misinformation are responsible for this. Please be responsible and research this yourselves or you will be mislead by dishonest people with no integrity and no courage to think for themselves and let the rest of us do the same.

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    From Recoil

    Even if Bill Brown did not write the letter, which at the time I posted it, I did not find anything in snopes or other hoax sites saying it was a fake, the fact is that most of the items listed in the letter are accurate. The uneducated morons are the people voting for this man.

    Here’s the link to the info Snopes has:

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    “Even if Bill Brown did not write the letter…”

    Well it is now fact that Bill Brown did not write this letter.

    I am huge anti-Obama. But I am equally anti-Bush. To me, the issues don’t matter as much. What does matter is that both want a bigger federal government and want to either take your tax dollars or degrade the value of the dollar and borrow money from China to continue passing their own personal agendas against the will of the people.

    Also, Obama now supports the Patriot Act and is just as much pro-war as Bush so maybe you may start to like him for this reason, but this is the prime reason that I personally dislike him more.


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