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    Brian H

    Any country that can produce MoveOn.org and Code Pink may well deserve the government it gets if Oblabla is elected.

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    So it’s clear you don’t like Obama. But what’s to like about McCain? And please don’t say it’s because he’s a war hero. First, he’s not. Second, if he was a war hero, how does that help? There have been a lot of war heroes that were not president.

    I’m not sure Obama’s the “answer” but McCain isn’t either. I’m hoping for a surprise at the conventions. A guy can dream, right?

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    It’s not about like or dislike, cute or ugly, great speaker or not. Try this on for size. Here is a tidbit that was quickly pushed under the rug and Plouffe and his minions dodge every question regarding it. On July 7 Obama stated that he believes the US Military is unable to protect us. We need a “Civilian National Security Force” the size of and funded as well or better than the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard combined. Let’s see…the annual budget for the military is $439,000,000,000. Where do you suppose that money will come from? Perhaps taxes? But wait he is alreay planning a NEW tax on us to put into some save the world fund so everyone on earth can be like us!
    Where do you think the 10’s of thousands of people needed will come from? Perhaps a draft?
    Certainly McCain is no saint, but he salutes and honors our flag and does not want to change the National Anthem to I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing as Obama has publicly stated in defence of his ignoring the flag. Read up people….it’s your future we’re talking about and it’s your paycheck he’s going to raid.


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