The year was 2006, George W Bush was in Office, Google Purchased Youtube for 1.65 Billion, and all the movie hype centered around Borat.  Pluto was being downgraded to a Dwarf Planet, Saddam Hussein was executed, and Mumbai was grieving over the 209 people who were killed in a train bombing.

While the immigration protests of 2006 were raging on in our streets, A North Carolina man that goes by Fred W. Black, was blogging about Conservative Politics.

The Evolution of Double Barreled Opinions

The website first started out as “Movable Type Blog.” The design was pretty basic but at the time a majority of internet users were still using computers, so it worked. Eventually the website was redesigned in 2009 to a more modern (For 2009) boxed design.

Converts to WordPress

After 5 years the website is again redesigned.  This time the website is converted to a WordPress site.   WordPress is a very popular CMS, in fact, right now you are viewing a WordPress based website.

The new design was very fresh and it worked much better on smartphones, which at the time were taking the internet by storm.

Taken Over By Spammers

Just when it looked like things were going good, the website domain somehow was taken over by spammers. We assume from looking at the domain’s history that the original owner left his domain expire just months after having the website converted to WordPress.

The new domain owner started re-writing the old articles to contain links to his clients sites. The spammer was trying to use the previous owner’s hard work just to exploit search engines to rank his client’s websites high in the results.

If you look at the above screenshot, focus on the last paragraph. You’ll see the phrases “Excel College Online”, “homeschooling”, and “elevator shoes at 7shoes.” in blue letters. These links linked to,, and 3 companies that definitely need to hire more reputable companies to work on their search engine optimization.

Converted to Student Loan Spam Website

When the link spam wasn’t helping their clients, the spammers decided to just convert the website to a student loan website. They wrote articles that had absolutely nothing to do with the original content on the website, and as a result, their efforts to spam the internet failed.

The Rebirth

In October of 2017 the domain again expired. The spammers foolishly forgot to renew their domain registration. We seized the opportunity and registered their expired domain. We are now in the process of restoring the site, and all the original articles into a format that works on both desktops and smartphones.

A Blast From The Past

This website spams times when several important political events happened that changed our nations history. Sit back, grab a coffee, and enjoy reading about these events through the eyes of A random conservative man from North Carolina..;

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